We advocate for the defunding of private and public police forces and demand tax-exempt mega-nonprofits like Penn contribute to public resources by paying PILOTs.

Who Is PCJ?

Our Mission

Penn Community for Justice (PCJ) provides a platform for Penn and Philadelphia community members who are committed to direct action to organize for racial and economic justice, and an equitable redistribution of Penn’s hoarded wealth and influence.

Our Values

We believe that this work can only be accomplished by building an intentional organizing community that mirrors the humane society we strive to live within.

To empower ourselves through care, and deepen the impact of our work, we aim to uphold these values:

  • Creativity in collaboration
  • Transparency and engagement with constructive feedback

  • Shared ownership

  • Empathy and compassion

  • Transformative care that leads to transformative change

We accept that there are multiple ways to approach this work and uplift other organizations that choose another path while respecting and welcoming strategic differences.

We aim to exude empathy, collaboration and shared leadership. We strive to foster an organizing environment where people of all backgrounds and experience levels can feel safe, encouraged and free from judgement.